Native American Poems

Medicine Man


There is a Medicine Man

Who lives among the Shoshone

Quiet and alone

Feeling his power

In the sun

With the warmth it brings

He dances in the light of the moon

Sings songs

Brings peace to a lonely nation

He heals beyond his touch

His mind moves with his soul

Casting a shadow

Over the people

Who dance with him

Singing songs in the moonlight

Waiting for the warmth of the sun

To carry on

Medicine Man sings

The sun brings life to those

Who are not afraid to cry

Coyote at the Door



A coyote came to my door


Wind blowing

Snow on the hillside

He looked tired and hungry

So I let him inside

Offered him a ham sandwich

But he wanted a toaster strudel

Cinnamon and sugar

He drank chocolate milk

Howled at the television

Until I changed the channel

Didn’t like National Geographic

A story about wolves

That’s my cousin

He told me

But we don’t communicate anymore

Too much distance between us

And not enough sheep to go around

I went outside

A full moon in the sky

I took a deep breath

And began howling

Crawling back inside

I saw the coyote standing

At the refrigerator

Would you like a toaster strudel

He said

Hibernating Bear



The wind blows across the Wyoming plains

stirs dust

Sending it across 

sagebrush desert

Until it is replaced 

by the leaves of autumn

Soon winter will settle in

the wind will have snow

To blow around

sending cars off roads

and causing freezing temperatures

Sending bears inside

They will spend their winter in a cave 

away from the wind

The bear says

“Mankind can face the winter alone

I am only human in the summer”

It is the Season



It is the season for planting corn

Buffalo Woman moves slowly

She hears things in the wind

It whispers to her across the prairie

A spider dances in the light of the fire

It knows too well the sound of the wind

Buffalo Woman stirs her black kettle

Looks to the shadows for advice

But the wind will not listen

The trees sway in its visit

The ground shakes from the sound of horses

Soldiers on their way to a distant future

Buffalo Woman sees the seasons

They are fading with time

A spider hides in the rocks

The spider dance is over

The fire goes out

There is no moon tonight

All is silent but the wind

Buffalo Woman cries

It is the sound of tomorrow

It is the season for planting corn



They said their God

Walked on water

Our God is the water

It is not necessary for footprints

To exist on the water

For they will be washed away

Without a trace

Our God which is the water

Will last forever

And bring life to a thirsty earth

Making it green

Keeping it beautiful

And full of life

Eagle Feather



Eagle Feather sees spirits

As they walk by his side

He is never alone

Eagle Feather sees footprints

In the desert sand

Though no one has walked there

Eagle Feather talks to the animals

They understand him

And watch over his soul

Eagle Feather teaches

All who will listen

And understand his silence