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Three Deaths

I was a skydiver
Jumped freestyle from 30,000 feet
The wind in my face and around me
Always brought out the rush
Falling at 125 miles per hour
Watching the ground approach
Jump after jump and then
It finally happened my parachute didn’t open
I did not panic as I reached for my reserve      chute
Nothing there as I pulled and pulled
Looking at the ground approaching fast
I thought the anxiety of my fall would kill me
But I would have to wait to hit the ground
Last thoughts of my wife and little girl
Seconds ticking away

I was an innocent victim of a drive by shooting
Talking to a friend in his front yard about tomorrow
Not knowing there would be no tomorrow
We were distracted by the children in the yard
Playing tag and chasing the dog
I heard the roar of an engine
A car coming by fast
The screech of brakes
The sound of tires spinning on the pavement
Before I could think
I heard the shot
I felt my wisdom teeth gone
All wisdom extinguished in a moment of time
My head jerked to the side
I felt a cold eeriness throughout my body
My eyes could see no more
And in a split second
I started to fall

I was in a vehicle driving down the Carefree Highway
I was a passenger in a car talking to my friend
Making plans for the future
A concert next week
Basketball tomorrow night
Listening to my favorite song, "Wrecking Ball"
He was driving too fast
In a hurry to see his girlfriend, Hailee
His phone went off
He looked down at the message
“It’s a text message from Hailee” he said.
That was the last words I heard
I just felt myself spinning
Out of control
Dust and the sound of metal against metal
I felt the seat belt give
As I left the vehicle flying through the air
It is all I remember
The sudden shock of reality
In a world passing me by
Three people looking forward for tomorrow
Living life to the fullest
All hitting the ground today
Leaving behind a text message that said
“Wish you were here”

People Will Talk

People Will Talk
It doesn't matter
What people say
If I worried about it
I would not be
The person I am today
No one knows
What I have been through

No  one has been in my shoes
I have traveled many paths
Had some great journeys
Made a few wrong turns
But always found my path
Toward the place
I wanted to be

I have seen people come
And go
Friends become enemies
And enemies
become friends
Words can hurt and damage
Or they can fade away

Some people have to be careful
For what they say today
Will make them a victim tomorrow
They are a victim
Of their own foolish words
They think accountability ends
When the words
come out of their mouths

But that is where it begins
For words once said
Cannot be taken back
Like a stone thrown
Into the air
It is no longer in control
But whoever throws the stone
Must face the fact
That it came out of their hand
Like the words came out
of their mouth


I chased a butterfly
And found myself
Out of breath with empty hands
You said they were meant
To be free anyway

Running on in the rain
I felt a chill
Until you touched me
I then smiled
And did a somersault
On the way home
My freedom behind me
Floating with a butterfly


It was a one act play
She moved in fluid motion
Flowing into the scenes
In the heat of the night
She showed passion beyond reason
Beyond comprehension
Beyond existence

In the colors of autumn
She showed confusion
Lack of understanding with herself
The fear of the coming winter

In the light of day
She showed sadness
A trace of a feelingĀ 
That is now gone
Reality of her life
Walking on a tightrope

It was a one act play
Of her thoughts
Continuing as the curtain closed
Leaving an empty feeling in time
Somewhere behind her

River of Dreams

for:  Jessica

Her life is a river of dreams
Like the river her life moves
In many directions
Sometimes it is calm
Other times it is moving rapid
Out of control

But she sees it
In a perfect perspective of words
For she is a writer
Capturing images in words
Showing results
That brings out emotions
As she writes what is on her mind

She is unique in her world
A poet supreme
She seeks answers to questions
Others are afraid to ask
Her wisdom runs deep
It is part of her heart and soul

It is the only way
She can express herself
Her passion found in each phrase
She is wise beyond her years
"Secrets Told in Muffled Tones"
Is her own vision
That opens the door
To the magic of her verse

Crazier Without You

This morning I stumbled out of bed
The morning coffee
Did not taste the same
I thought I heard your footsteps
I even called your name
I looked out the window
And saw the falling rain
My crazy world
Is crazier without you

You said I was a dreamer
But my dreams only brought pain
There is no understanding
There is nothing left to gain
I don’t know if there
Is a new beginning
To this end
My crazy world
Is crazier without you

Part of me watched you walk away
And part of me left with you
Now I reflect back
On what is left of me
And if reality will fade in time
Or time will just be the distance
That keeps us apart
My crazy world
Is crazier without you

An Orange

I saw her eating
An orange
The way she
Picked it up
With her hands

Gently broke
The outside layer
And peeled it
Moving her hands
As if to a symphony

Broke it apart
Placed it to her lips
Taking her time
Until it was gone

Only an orange
That was once
Just sitting
On a table

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