Virgil Chabre


Einstein Said

Einstein said
That the amount of stress
In a situation is equal to
The amount of effort
And energy
Exerted in the situation
Divided by the
Amount of satisfaction
Gained or lost
By the results
Of the situation
Einstein never said that
I did
I felt smart for a minute
I guess every minute counts

Uncle Sam

Sam lived on a ranch
In northern Wyoming with his father
Went to war in ‘65
Fought with the infantry
Came back wounded, shell shocked
A hero

Used to lead the Veteran’s Day parade
Called him Uncle Sam now
We used to fish on his property
Chase a few squirrels

After the war he put up
A no trespassing sign
We used to sneak in
Billy and I
Hide in the willows
Catch a few brook trout
Maybe a pound or pound and a half

One day he caught us
Ran us off with a gun
Said something about “fucking communists”
We stayed away for a while
Then went back fishing

Uncle Sam came down screaming obscenities
Billy and I ran
Billy dropped a brookie
Two pounds maybe
A nice catch

Stopped to pick it up
Billy caught a shell in his back
While going over the fence
A brook trout wiggling
In his now still hand

Uncle Sam’s in an institution now
Tells other patients about the war
And how he killed a prisoner
Trying to escape over a fence
Says that war is hell
But someone has to fight it


She worked the night shift
Winding her life
Down a dusty Wyoming road
She was a numbers person
You are Wyoming 4-23k4
It was the license plate number
On my car

Never could remember my name
I am not interested in names
She would say
I am a numbers girl

I told her
Numbers are for mathematicians
And mechanical engineers
She laughed and said
They do not understand numbers
Always trying to solve problems
I keep my numbers simple
Always looking toward the future

She would dance
And whisper numbers
Keeping rhythm with the music
I valued the seconds
The minutes
And hours
We spent together
Don’t worry
She would say
Time is only a number

Tabasco Sauce

She was from
South of the border
A raving brunette
With dark mysterious eyes
I am like Tabasco Sauce
She would say
I will burn all night
And you will
Think of me
Long after I am gone

Heat comes in stages
I am the main stage
The fire in my eyes
Is only a flash
Of what you will find inside me
The deeper you go
The hotter it gets
Tabasco Sauce goes with everything
Take a deep breath
And enjoy

She Changed

It wasn’t a different sunset
It was the same colors
The same beauty
The same image
 Across the sky

But she saw it differently today
The beauty lifted her spirits
Filled her heart and soul
Until she was overflowing
With emotion

She looked at him and said
“I’ve changed”
He said, “What are you talking about”
“You look the same”
She said, “It is not in how I look”
“I’ve changed on the inside”

He said, “Inside?”
She said, “I am complete and
I can dance!”
He said, “You always could dance.”
She said, “But now I can
hear the music”
He said, “What music?”

She said, “You can’t hear it!”
As she went out the door!
He thought
And said “What the fuck” to himself
As she drove away


She was silk
That is all


for:  Virgil Earp

I never wanted to be
On the wrong side of the law
That's why I became
City Marshall of Tombstone
I wanted to be a poet
Writing words to inspire
Tell my story
Share my feelings
But it was something
Difficult to accomplish
With a Colt 45 on my hip
Drawn too many times
Searching for a meaning
In life and death
How I wish I could replace
That gun with a pen
Write sonnets like Shakespeare
About love and understanding
Wyatt was my brother
Doc Holiday an acquaintance
Never liked the son of a bitch
Always gambling and drinking
Fucking things up
But I will be misunderstood
In my life
As those buried on Boot Hill
Can testify
I am not a poet
Just a gunfighter
One of the Earp boys

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