Virgil Chabre



Does Readings?  Yes
Born in:  Rock Springs, WY
Raised in:  Rock Springs, WY
Lives in:  Mesa, AZ

Poetry at The Puppet Theater Phoenix, AZ      Featuring:    David Chorlton, John Hershman, Jefferson Carter &   Virgil Chabre



                  FAVORITE QUOTE

“According to the theory of aerodynamics, and as may be readily demonstrated through wind tunnel experiments, the bumblebee is unable to fly.  This is because the size, weight, and shape of its body in relation to its total wingspread makes flying impossible.  Yet the bumblebee, being ignorant of these scientific truths, goes ahead and flies anyway.”

     -author unknown


Virgil Chabre & Finis Mitchell

 Mitchell Peak was named after Finis Mitchell.  It is one of the few mountains to be named after an individual while that individual was still alive.  Most mountains are named posthumously. 


Finis was a mountain man, humanitarian, environmentalist, author, photographer and good friend.  He was my inspiration and confidant. He lived to be one day short of his 94th birthday.  During his lifetime he took over 100,000 pictures of the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.  At the age of 73, while on a glacier, he twisted his knee in a snow-covered crevasse.  He hacked crude crutches out of pine wood and hobbled 18 miles to find a doctor, and was able to resume climbing until the age of 84, when further injury to his knee ended his solo climbing career.  He received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Wyoming. 


During the Great Depression Finis lost everything and went to the Wind River Mountains to hunt and fish for food.  He is an inspiration to all and I feel very fortunate to have known him and call him my friend.


Louie the Plumber

He was a neighbor
Drifted into town
From the pillars of hell
His personality
Was burning with a desire
To make people miserable

He hated kids
And any human being
With a soul
For he never understood
The meaning of brotherly love

He never died
Of a hear attack
Rattlesnake bite
Or in a truck accident
Going to install a toilet

He fell out of a tree
All 300 pounds
Leaning on a branch
To find his way to eternity
And the earth shook
At the sound
Of Louie the Plumber
Hitting the ground

Vernal (A City in Utah)

The land of dinosaurs
Moving across the horizon
They now rest peacefully
In a museum
With Archaeologists chipping away
The care and understanding
They possess is forgotten in time

A hunting ground
For Native Americans
The cool winds
Kept the prairie clear
And peaceful
Settlers moved in

There was a rumble
Beneath the ground
It filled the air with promise
And prosperity
But there will be a cost
To the so called
progress of man

A new method
A new word
The natural gas
Beneath the ground
Became a savior
For jobs and prosperity

But the cost
Would be great
As people faced their executioner
Chemicals unknown
Pumped into the water supply
Death and disease
Became a by product
Of new cars
And mansions on the hill

Wisdom is hard to explain
When it hides behind
The smiles of politicians
On their way to the bank
With their souls already sold
Small caskets buried
Beneath the ground

Beautiful Distraction

She had so much
Going in her direction
The looks
All she ended up being
Was a beautiful distraction

December Holocaust

It was the 12th day of December
I can remember the day
But not the year
My long term memory has slipped away
Lost somewhere in a cattle car
Along a lonely railroad

It is snowing today
A cold chill fills the air
Today we walk with no shoes
Picking up the pieces of life
Left behind

A strange smoke fills the air
The stench of death all around us
We are silent
Nothing to talk about
Nothing to share
The future
The past
Existence gone
It is the present
A time for silence

A cold breeze 
Blows through my body
My bones are chilled

Smoke rises into the sky
Taking lost relatives
For a final ride

She Needed

She needed an ocean
I gave her a river
That flowed passed her
Leaving her dry and alone

She needed a mountain
I gave her a hillside
With a tree
And an empty swing
Swaying in the wind

She needed tomorrow
But all I had was today
And the ticking of a clock
That said time was passing by

She needed the sunshine
But I lived in the shadows
Darkness was my friend
As I heard the closing of a door

The Cyclops

I went to see the Cyclops last night
The sun was down
He was dancing in the shadows
Afraid of the dark
I think it was a Beatles tune
“Blackbird singing in the dead of night”
Why are you afraid of the dark?
I asked him
It’s that damn woodpecker
During the daylight
He thought I was a tree
Man that woodpecker can peck
My eye couldn’t take the light anymore
So I became friends with the nighthawk
Keeps woodpeckers away
But those scorpions drive me crazy
I can’t see them among the pine needles
They hurt my feet
Too much deadwood in this area
I think I will move to the city
Concrete will help heal my feet
But the bright lights would be too much
And the dancing would be missed
You don’t hear the Beatles songs
That you used to
So I will stay here
With the nighthawk and the owl
Pretend I am wise
And keep moving my feet
“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

Listen To Johnny Cash

 There are times
I feel like a fool
Upon a hill
Where memories
Cast me aside

I think of her
Where she took me
And fall into a dream
Where I am lost
Like a song I can't remember
So I listen to Johnny Cash
To bring me back to a reality
I left behind

 I see a silhouette
In the shadow
Dancing to a song
I cannot remember the lyrics
Only the beat and her movement
In my mind
I know somewhere she sits
With a song in her heart
I try to think
Which song will it be tonight
Lost among the words
That fail to come
Into my mind
I listen to Johnny Cash
To cast my feelings side
Like a song
I will remember in the morning
Long after this dream
Will be forgotten

 It is not
Ring of Fire
Sunday Morning Coming Down
A Boy Named Sue
or Orange Blossom Special
But it could be
I Still Miss Someone
Or I walk the Line
There is nothing
Left to do
But listen to Johnny  Cash
When she enters my mind.


November in Berlin
Was never this way
Running back and forth
Like a pendulum on a clock
The clock struck twelve
And Cinderella ran
With both slippers
And a smile on her face
Not worrying about time
Humpty Dumpty jumped
It wasn't a great fall
And the pieces
Crumbled around him
But he never glanced back
As the wall came tumbling down

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