Virgil Chabre

About (Biography)

Virgil Chabre was born and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  Rock Springs is a mining community and his dad was a coal miner.  He went to school in Rock Springs and graduated from Rock Springs High School.  He graduated from the University of Wyoming.  He began writing poetry in high school and it became his passion. 


He worked at several occupations including construction, the mining industry, auto parts and teaching.


While working in the mining industry he spent some of his time 1600 feet underground in a trona mine in Wyoming.

While teaching Creative Writing he established a very successful Poetry Club in the school.


He moved to Arizona where he currently lives and continues to write poetry.



His poems have been published in Deros, Manna, Poetica Magazine, Prophetic Voices, Publishing 9, San Fernando Poetry Journal, The Archer, The Professional Poet, The Pub, The Power, Shadows of the Mind, Second Thoughts, Reach for the Stars, Poems for All Seasons, The American Muse, Taurus, New Poets of the American West and many other poetry journals and books.


Column One (Poems 1982-1992)

Silhouettes, Images, and Faded Memories -1979 Out of Print

The Night She Left and Other Poems - 1981 Out of Print

Washington DC

She Wants to go to Wyoming

She wants to go to Wyoming
Experience the mountains
Where snow never melts
The wind blows strong
But hearts stay warm

I can see her now
Bundled up in four layers
Of clothing
Seeing the frost on her nose
Her breath in the cold air

Running through the snow
Making snow angels
A snowman
Or just sliding down a hill

Finding life away from the Arizona sun
That can melt your soul
And leave you cold inside
Unable to find a reason
To carry on in life

She understands life
Always chasing freedom
But in the Wyoming air
Freedom is chasing her

It is all a vision she sees
Reflected in the eyes
That tell many stories
And yet
Leaves many stories untold

Cold Weather

Cold weather moves in
And hesitates
Around us
Snowshoe rabbits scurry about
Looking somewhat bewildered
Antelope moving slow
Unable to glide through
The deep snow
Cars communicating
Through jumper cables
Giving life
Below zero
   -virgil chabre

Arizona Desert

He came in from the desert

Working in the hot sun

Has its hazards

He had two rattlesnake bites

In three days

Walking with a limp

He said more people die from bee stings

Than rattlesnake bites in Arizona

Tomorrow he would be

Back in the desert

Absorbing the hot sun

Hoping that there are no bees

In the air

   -virgil chabre

One Arm Coming Down

For: Aron Ralston

Rock climbing is never easy
It takes strength
And determination
The ability to use all limbs
Your destiny is in
The determination you have to survive

Aron Ralston had that determination
As he returned from his climb
Leaving part of himself behind
Lodged inside a rock

One  arm coming down
     -virgil chabre


When someone asks us
Where we are from
We smile and say
We're from under Wyoming
The land of our fathers
And their fathers too
It's in our blood
The earth within us
We're not happy in the sunshine
We spend our days
And nights in tunnels
Where darkness is our friend
The gophers and prairie dogs
Live above us
In tunnels of their own
Sometimes they don't understand
The sounds down below
In the winter when they sleep
They dream of metal monsters
Digging in the earth below
When spring comes
Sometimes they are awakened early
By the sound of fireworks
Before the fourth of July
We work the earth
Like a farmer works the surface
Following the steps
Our fathers took
They walk in our shadows
Protecting us from the sun 

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